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Posted by obesefeline - September 22nd, 2010

and I'm not even using adblock lol

NG told me to fuck myself and die in a fire

Posted by obesefeline - July 5th, 2010

Pygmy marmoset, BITCH!!!!

The Greatest creature on the face of the Earth!!!!!!

Posted by obesefeline - May 12th, 2010

This is a website so bad it makes my nipples tingle with fear


Posted by obesefeline - April 22nd, 2010


Holy Fuck!

Posted by obesefeline - April 11th, 2010

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This is simply a list of medals for all the 0 point medals, not a guide. Feel free to waste your time earning these. Just remember, all the listed medals don't count toward your final score.

Total medal amount: 67
Total games: 10

Fear Unlimited Issue 2
20 medals

Sadistic assassin
Kill 100 enemies

Tough guy
Upgrade health bar to full potential

Sword master
Upgrade any single weapon 10 or more levels

Demon master
Max any magic stat - broken

Clear all missions - also broken

Merciless killer
Kill 250 enemies

Blood thirsty
Kill 500 enemies

M1 honor role
Get an A+rank on mission 1

M2 honor role
Get an A+rank on mission 2

M3 honor role
Get an A+rank on mission 3

M4 honor role
Get an A+rank on mission 4

M5 honor role
Get an A+rank on mission 5

M6 honor role
Get an A+rank on mission 6

Get an A+rank on all missions

M2 untouchable
Beat mission 2 without taking any damage

M3 untouchable
Beat mission 3 without taking any damage

M4 untouchable
Beat mission 4 without taking any damage

M5 untouchable
Beat mission 5 without taking any damage

M6 Untouchable
Beat mission 6 without taking any damage

Slaughter master
Beat the game on Impossible Mode

read theFear Unlimited Issue 2 FAQ for pro tips. Wylina did a better job then I ever could have.

Hover Bot Arena 2
8 medals

All challenges
Completed all normal challenges

Collected 25,000 metals in one match

All enemy challenges
Completed all enemy challenges

Hyper bot
Maxed all stats

Survive 10 minutes in survival mode

Carpet Bomber
Detonated 12 bombs in one match

Destroyer of bots
destroy 3,000 bots in one match

Have a balance of metal over 1,000,000

Dodge the Bacon!
3 medals

Get a game over

Beat level 1

Beat the final boss!

Pro tip: move your pointer off the screen to beat the game effortlessly

Bear Knuckle Frenchy Fist Fight to the Death
2 medals

Kill Frenchy once

Serial Killer
Kill Frenchy 25 times

Kill Frenchy 50 times!

Hardcore Fucker
Kill Frenchy 1000 times!

Note: for a kill to be valid, you need to wait for Frenchy's body to hit the ground before you press again

Button Game

4 medals

Beat level 1

Main course
Beat levels 1-3

Make Citty poop

Saza's on his own!
Defeat Saza's minion

Short Guide:
level 1 - click the top left robot
level 2 - click the second person from the left
level 3 - click the first duck on the right
click the duck's hat
click the lotto numbers sheet on the bottom right
click on any of the numbers located on the top left lotto sheet
level 4 - click on the boy's nipple
click the small box on the top right corner
click the "citty's" bum a few times
level 5 - click the stick man's hair a few times
level 6 - 1 + 1 = 2 DUHHH!!
click the ugly box creature on the bottom left
answer: 6
simply click Saza
level 7 - click the 2 cent coin
level 8 - click the cake
click yes
click the chocolate
click on the cake
answer: it tasted like shit
level 9 - find the invisible button on the top right
level 10 - I have never found a way to get past this screen, sorry :(

Dot Toucher 2000

2 medals

You cheater! - just press tab

A star!
Get the highest grade! - get 2000 points

Button Game Classics!
5 medals

Beat level 1

Serial Killer
Kill Sabass and the guard

Get all the chaos emeralds

Let There Be Colour
Finish the game

Button Game Legend
Beat the BG tales demo

Short Guide:
Mission 1 - Answer: 6
Mission 2 - Roll over all the dots
Mission 3 - Right click, collect emerald, right click, exit
Mission 4 - Answer 3, click device
Mission 6 - Click the octopuss looking thingy, click Sabass twice
Mission 7 - Roll over all the dots
Mission 8 - Answer: 11
Mission 9 - Right click, collect emerald, right click, exit
Mission 10 - Click the small circle on the right
Mission 11 - Hover over top bar
Mission 12 - Click the circle on the right
Mission 13 - Drag the word it out of the way, click the circle
Mission 14 - Right click, wait 20 seconds
Mission 15 - Answer: 11
Mission 17 - Right click, exit
Mission 18 - Right click, exit
Mission 19 - Press the button
Mission 20 - Answer: Yes

Your on your own for the demo

Edit: You no longer have the ability to right click on the maze levels :(

4 medals

Quick and painful
Die before you gain 500 points

Replay the game with the replay button

Long Haul
Gain 400,000 points

Step Away From The Computer
Gain 1,000,000 points

Our Savior
Accumulate 5 extra lives

Tails' Revenge
9 medals

Kill Pickilow for the first time

Select right tank

Destroy the helicopter

City Fighter
Kill Pickilow in New York

Kill Pickilow and finish the game

Get game over

Select wrong tank

??? - Select "Please spare me!"

Click on Mobius

Button Game 2
7 medals

Lick my Lollypop!
Beat mission 1

One Two Three
Beat mission 1-3

Beat traller

Kidnap the kids

Get a game over

Bad Thief
Return the kids

Button Gamer 2
Beat BG 2

I'll update this list as more 0 point medal games are released.

04/13/10: I removed The Game Trailer Collab medals from the list because the points have been restored. However, HeavyTank created a nice guide for it. I would also like to thank Wylina for adding this list to his games with medals page.

05/09/10: Button Game Classics! medals added

06/27/10: Crusher added

07/02/10: Tail's Revenge! added

07/22/10: More medals discovered by WonderTheHedgehog for Bear Knuckle Frenchy Fist Fight to the Death

07/24/10: Button Game 2 added

Posted by obesefeline - April 1st, 2010

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you have been Kevin Bacon'd

Posted by obesefeline - March 29th, 2010

Watch carefully, they're in the video somewhere.

/* */

Posted by obesefeline - January 29th, 2010


Is this normal? Why is the game spazzing out on me? Why am I being denied my right to play P O M 2?
Better yet, Where's my 100 points?

Weebl's Secret Island

Posted by obesefeline - January 3rd, 2010

Posted by obesefeline - December 31st, 2009